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Farmtojar Food and Drink Blog (and Dorothy Stainbrook).

I originally started this farmtojar blog to share my farming, cooking and canning experiences with fresh fruit.   It is my mission, and the mission of this blog, to share as much information as I can with you to help make your life a healthy and happy one!

I have a small farm (23 acres) where I grow a range of berries, but specialize in blueberries and heirloom tomatoes.  We have a commercial kitchen located on the farm, allowing us to turn our berries into fruit preserves and fruit beverage syrups the same day the fruit is harvested.

At the Stone Arch Festival

At the Stone Arch Festival

Over the past 15 years I’ve been selling the produce and preserves from our farm primarily at the larger farmers’ markets located in the twin cities (St. Paul Farmers’ market, Milll City Farmers’ market, and Kingsfield Farmers’ market).   Based on experience and customer response at these markets, we have gradually evolved into four main specialty seasons:

  • In the spring we start and then sell heirloom tomato and pepper seedlings;
  • In the summer we sell fresh organic blueberries, overlapping with fresh heirloom tomatoes in late summer;
  • The preserves and fruit beverage syrups are sold year-round at the farmers’ markets and from our online store.
  • In the winter we do a number of indoor markets and events showcasing our unique line of preserves.

One of my favorite activities in the world is spending time at research and planning.  My education and first career was in Environmental Planning.  This farmtojar blog is an attempt to share some of that research, as well as the hands-on experience resulting from the research.

I may wander around a lot with topics, sharing farming experiences, recipes, business experience, health & gardening issues, and sometimes just my life in general.   The overall theme of the farmtojar blog however, is to share food experiences and recipes, ranging from treats for college care packages, to jam and cheese pairings, to dishes adapted to fit a slow carb diet lifestyle (modeled after the 4-hour body lifestyle).  I hope you enjoy and I certainly welcome comments about your own experiences on these fun, flavorable, and sometimes frustrating topics.

Thank you for reading and sharing!


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  1. Frank September 17, 2017 at 6:13 pm #

    where do you post your suggestions on Hardening Off tomato plant seedlings prior to planting in the garden?

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