Good use for Low Carb Romesco Sauce

What is Romesco Sauce?

A low carb Romesco sauce is a rich and creamy red pepper-based sauce, pureed and thickened with toasted almonds, garlic, vinegar and herbs.

The classic Romesco is a smoky, pungent sauce made from a mixture of nuts (most often almonds but others can stand in), red bell peppers, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, onions, and garlic.  Sometimes, bread or flour has been used to provide a thicker texture.

How is Romesco Sauce used?

The fishermen in Northeastern Spain came up with this sauce to enhance their catch, but its uses have long since expanded into accompaniments for grilled meats and many vegetable dishes.  The sauce is also just as good on a piece of toast that’s been brushed with olive oil and maybe rubbed with more garlic.

During the springtime in Catalonia, a traditional barbecue would probably find a Romesco sauce being put to good use as a dip for charred spring onions (called “calcots” in Spain).

Wherever you are, if you have the time, let the sauce stand for an hour at room temperature before serving.  Like a good red wine, it is better at room temperature.

Low Carb Romesco Sauce as an Enhancement to a Low Carb Lifestyle

We make a Romesco at HeathGlen as a part of our “low carb” product list.  We smoke the heirloom tomatoes from our farm, toast the almonds, add sherry vinegar and fresh herbs and then water-bath the whole thing to give it a long shelf life (1-year unopened, 3 months in the refrigerator once opened).   The almonds are what makes this Romesco sauce so creamy, not dairy or sugar.

HeathGlen’s Romesco, along with HeathGlen’s Harissa and the HeathGlen’s dried chili spices are the part of our product line that is designed to help enhance a low carb, slow carb, or ketogenic lifestyle. Low Carb Romesco is a great addition to a low carb lifestyle, adding a lot of flavor to your proteins and vegetables without the guilt.  Flavor without guilt…..that should be a new tagline!   We should be adding some chili oil and more low-sugar chutneys to the mix in 2017, by the way.

Oh, and if you want the recipe for the pork ragu and squash dish in the photo above, you can find that by clicking here (it’s just for a different kind of squash, but it’s interchangeable).


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